"…most memorable musical experience? It was with a piano player, Carlton Holmes… We went through different motions, different moods and different movements. That was one of the best musical experiences I've ever had…"
Cindy Blackman

"Carlton Holmes continually weaves a soulful web of enchantment including some funky down-home playing."
Butch Berman

"…the inventive, tasty, fluent Holmes…"
Harvey Pekar, JAZZIZ Magazine

"Carlton and I play like one person. He uses space…but he also has something to say. I even love the way he walks, because it tells you that, whatever the situation, it’s cool."
Michael Carvin

"There is a buoyancy in the piano playing of Carlton Holmes, a lightness of step, a sense of intuition and flow that draws a listener in… "
Zan Stewart, The Star Ledger

"I caught the early set of pianist Carlton Holmes' gig last night …Holmes, who is one of those musicians who somehow has flown under the radar, is a terrific player playing with a lot of confidence and authority."
Chris Astoria